Growing up in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Mara formed an early connection with nature and drawing. The ocean, woodlands, and animals (especially cats and horses) were her inspiration. She earned a BFA in Oil Painting from Boston University, where she studied with Congor Metcalf, Lloyd Lillie, David Aaronson, David Ratner, and Nicholas Edmunds. While Mara has worked in a wide variety of mediums, she is currently focusing on oil, acrylic, and pastel.

In addition to creating artwork, Mara has worked as an art educator in the Boston Public Schools and elsewhere. She is the owner of a successful graphic design firm with past and present clients at leading corporations in healthcare and finance.

Mara's work is in many collections and she has served on the boards of directors of two artist groups, including Cambridge Art Association.

Artist's Statement

My art grew from the family continuum. We are creatives, business owners, lawyers, STEM professionals, breadwinners. We are fragile survivors who think in metaphor—sometimes toiling long hours for pay, sometimes distracted for hours by a detail of nature or a scrap of poetry.

In my artwork, I try to return to the state of love, strength, and sense of place that nurtured me as a young person and raises me up to challenge every new day with curiosity and creativity, a quest symbolized by my griffin. My work is informed by classical techniques and a love of abstraction. My art is an exploration and celebration of beautiful light and shadow on everything in my world, especially nature and the figure.

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